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embrace change

For a Happier & Healthier Life


Everyone’s Story Is Unique

Are You… 

Tired and wish you had more energy?

Exercising but not getting the results you hoped for?

Overwhelmed and stressed and neglecting yourself?

Having a hard time implementing the changes needed to address a medical diagnosis?

Do You…

Look in the mirror and not recognize yourself?

Live by the “I’m getting older so I shouldn’t expect to feel well” philosophy? 

Know that you could feel better and don’t know where to start?

When it comes to health and fitness, sometimes our stories make us feel like we are in a rut, with no way out. Our inside thoughts and our outside influences aren’t always easy to manage. And we need help figuring it all out.

A Wellness Coach can provide guidance and support as you seek to change your story.


Figure Out Life's Roadblocks

What Will Your Journey to Wellness Look Like?

> Discover the core reason for making change

> Explore obstacles impeding progress

> Introduce techniques for life-changing habits

Reach Your Personal Goals

Which Wellness Program Will Meet Your Needs?

> Personalized Coaching Program

> Online Nutrition Training Program

> Shape Your Mind for Life Program

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Looking for Information About a Variety of Wellness Topics?

> Nutrition, Eating Habits and Recipes

> Gut and Hormone Health

> Sleep Issues and Stress Management


Shape Your Mind for Life

Ultimately, change must come from within you. However, changing your mindset and habits can be overwhelming. As a Certified Health Coach, I will work with you and be your guide, your cheerleader and your sounding board as you journey toward a healthier and happier life. I can help you figure out your roadblocks so you can embrace change more easily, reach your personal goals and become the best version of yourself.

If you are excited about creating a positive mindset that will nurture a healthy lifestyle, please contact me to schedule a Free 50-Minute Consultation.

Kim Eagan, H.C., PN1
Certified Health Coach


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