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embrace change

Helping You Develop Positive Habits to Sustain a Happier and Healthier Lifestyle


I Help motivated adults achieve their peak physical and mental well being by customizing comprehensive one-on-one coaching and nutritional training programs.

If you want to look and feel your best, I will personally coach you with consistent support towards your desired goals. We will uncover your meaningful core reasons for change, discover the barriers that may be in the way, and guide you in a process of building skills to better align your daily actions with your wellness goals.

If you are excited about developing sustainable positive habits that will nurture a healthy lifestyle, please contact me to discuss your future journey to Shape Your Mind For Life.


Wellness Coaching


What is wellness coaching?

Wellness coaches are supportive mentors who motivate you to cultivate positive health choices. We educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.

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Improving Your Wellbeing
One Step at a Time

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Wellness Programs


Programs tailored to fit your unique needs.

There are two distinct aspects in my approach. I find the combination of the two is a solid structure that sets you up for amazing sustainable results.


Meet Kim

I am a Wellness Coach who enables motivated adults to achieve their peak physical and mental well-being by customizing one-on-one coaching and utilizing an amazing online nutritional training program. The combination facilitates the creation of lifestyle behaviors that align with reaching clients’ personal life goals.

My #1 coaching priority is making sure my clients feel heard and understood. I begin the process by identifying a client’s motivation for change. I provide lots of positive reinforcement while discovering personal barriers to change and also challenging current mindsets. My goal is to enable clients to find their inner wisdom and uncover the beautiful, healthy life each one ultimately wants to live.

Kim Eagan, H.C., PN1
Certified Health Coach


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