Kim Eagan, H.C., PN1

Many people know they want to look and/or feel better but simply don’t know where to start. Life is busy and prioritizing that desire can feel challenging, even monumentally so. I want to help take that overwhelm feeling away! I guide clients to achieve their well-being goals by simplifying and guiding them through the changes needed to become the very best version of themselves.

I am a Wellness Coach who enables motivated adults to achieve their peak physical and mental well-being by customizing wellness programs to best meet each client’s needs. My programs facilitate the creation of lifestyle behaviors that improve the chances of clients’ success in reaching their personal life goals.

I am on a mission to help motivated adults become the best possible version of themselves.
— Kim Eagan

My #1 coaching priority is removing the overwhelming feeling that can surround change. It is important that you feel heard and understood. I will provide lots of positive reinforcement while challenging your current mindset. I will be your cheerleader and your sounding board as you journey toward a happier and healthier you.

My Personalized Coaching Program always includes:

  • Discovering together the core reason for making changes

  • Exploring obstacles that may be impeding progress

  • Introducing techniques to implement habits that can be life-changing and sustainable

My goal is to guide clients while they tap into their inner wisdom and uncover the amazing healthier life each one ultimately wants to live. Also, celebrating all the progress throughout each client’s journey is one of my favorite parts of the process!

I have a BA from Northeastern in Fine Arts and have coaching certifications from the Institute of Integrative Health (IIN) and Precision Nutrition. I also have training in Hormone Health from IIN, and am currently taking a course in Gut Health and the Psychology of Emotional Eating. Learning cutting edge information around wellness is a passion of mine and I am so happy to pass on the data to my clients.


I LOVE, yes LOVE, working out. The social aspect and the amazing feeling of wellbeing afterwards always gives my day an extra lift. I really appreciate feeling strong in my 50’s and I mark my greatest physical feats as running a 50K trail race the year I turned 50 and completing the grueling 7 Sisters trail race in Amherst 3 times (it’s like childbirth, you forget the pain and repeat, vowing each time to never do it again).

I am super grateful for many people and things in my life. My three amazing 20 something year old children who never say no to dinner invites and are super supportive of my current business venture. My move to a home by the ocean that was driven by a very cute guy who continues to show me what the experience of a loving relationship is truly suppose to be. My main side kick, Tucker, a 12 year old mini labradoodle who loves beach walking and trail running as much as I do. And lastly, the family, friends and professionals who have helped (and continue to help) me along my own ongoing journey of becoming the best possible version of myself.


Kim Eagan, H.C., PN1
Certified Health Coach



Holistic Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

PN1 Coach - Precision Nutrition


Emotional Eating
Plant-based Eating
Nutritional Education
Gut Health
Hormone Health
Stress Management
Sleep Issues