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An important exercise in my coaching is finding my clients’ “Whys”. Why are they looking to make changes? Why are they interested in looking and/or feeling different? If the motivator is superficial, the changes have less likelihood to truly stick. Going deep and finding true motivation can lead to life altering wellness success!

My personal wellness journey is an example of how deeper, more personal motivators can better support positive healthy habits to ultimately reach meaningful lifestyle goals.

As a teenager. I had a goal of wanting to lose weight. My memory around it isn’t great, but I am sure the motivation had something to do with attracting boys.

Thankfully, my motivation has evolved, and my current goal is wanting to be alive and active until I am 100+. My motivation is now ALL about ME! See the difference?

Now let’s take a closer look at that evolution. Let’s go back 35 (or so) years…

High school was the first time I remember thinking about my weight (not wellness). I was not happy with the shape of my body, and I remember buying weight loss pills and taking one. However, it made me feel like an egg was dripping on my head. Luckily, at that time, the reason for wanting to lose weight wasn’t strong enough to endure the strange feeling the pill gave me. I threw the rest of the pills away and surely went back to enjoying my Diet Cokes and Doritos. Yup, add in ice cream sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and you had my staple diet in high school. Ugh!

College was a continuation of feeling unhappy with my body. Again, weight not wellness was the focus. I gained the freshman 10 and decided to start running. It fit into my college budget, and my roommate was onboard to go out every day and run by the Charles River in Boston. After the initial injury of shin splints as a beginner runner was healed, a love affair with running began for me. I believe I lost the 10 pounds but I still wasn’t all that healthy and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches still sustained me until I started working at a Pizzeria Unos and pizza became my #1 food staple. Again, my food choices outweighed my motivation to be skinnier. Healthier was still not a thought.


My life went on, and I dabbled in diets and continued to run some. The next significant change was when my 61-year-old mom was diagnosed with cancer and died 3 months after her diagnosis. It was tough to witness, and in the months of healing from the massive loss, I realized I wanted to do what I could to make my life as long and healthy as possible. Yes! Finally a more strong motivator, a virtual back of the head slap.

I had no road map to achieve this, so I started running more and reading all I could find about health. I happened upon Mark Hyman’s book “Ultraprevention” and decided to do an elimination diet. To my surprise, I figured out I had a high sensitivity to gluten. I completely eliminated gluten products from my diet, and the world became a brighter place, literally! I didn’t realize I had what is now called “brain fog” from gluten and eliminating it was a life-altering decision.

I was thrilled to be feeling better and kept reading and reading but found I got more confused about what to eat. There was so much conflicting information. I decided In 2012 to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) health coaching certification program. This opened my eyes to better nutrition philosophies and the concept of Primary Foods which are things that nourish your mind such as relationships, finances, emotional stability, etc.

Halfway through completing the program, my life got very bumpy. I was forced to dig in deep and focus on myself and my three children. I learned there is so much more to looking and feeling great then just having knowledge about nutrition and fitness. We also need to do inner work to be truly well. Our mindset is the key to making positive changes that lead to improved wellness.

As my life got back on track (although I would now argue it wasn’t off track but just not on the exact path I had in mind) I continued to read about wellness, and I obtained additional coaching training through Precision Nutrition. I also completed a Hormone Health certification with IIN and currently am completing IIN’s Gut Health certification as well as IIN’s Emotional Eating Psychology Course.

I now feel amazing and make sure I am on the top of my “to do” list. Do I always feel amazing? No, but when I am not feeling great mentally or physically, I know there is a reason I am out of balance and have learned practical tools to get myself to a better place with more ease and compassion for myself.

My wellness journey started as a teen with an external motivator of wanting to look better for OTHERS and wanting a quick fix (diet pills) to change it. It has evolved with many twists and turns. I am grateful for every step of the way, even the not so pleasant ones because these steps have landed me in the present with what I believe is my ultimate motivation, my ultimate “why” and that is the desire to be alive and active until I am 100+. I luckily have not gone back to any quick fixes such as diet pills and now have amazing tools to work on making that goal a reality.

Through this, not only did I create a life I truly love with greater personal wellness but I found my passion for coaching as well! I enjoy learning about wellness and helping others reach their peak physical and mental wellbeing.

My philosophy can be summed up in a quote by Ocean Robbins:

It’s not what you do on occasion that matters most. In the long run, it’s the choices you make day in and day out, and the habits you forge and sustain, that chart the course of your destiny.

This philosophy involves a change in mindset, and I have the resources to help my clients retrain their thinking!

I can help you find your ultimate motivation and path to:


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