Helping Your Wellness with Mindful Eating

The 4th of July holiday brought on a new tradition! The 1st Annual Guac Off! Participating in a guacamole contest is a sure fire way to bring mindful eating into your life. And boy is it a yummy way!

Need to get your eating back on track after the holiday? Read on…

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My absolute favorite life-changing tool is the practice of GRATITUDE.

A few years ago, I was invited to join a gratitude group on Facebook. The charge to the group was posting, for 90 days, FIVE things you are thankful for. Part of the challenge was to post without any duplications, which adds up to 450 unique gratitudes.

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Improving Your Wellbeing One Step at a Time

On May 4th, I completed my third 7 Sister Trail Race in Amherst, MA. Yes, there were, "May the 4th be with you!" signs along the route. I don't believe words can sufficiently describe this race, but if you look up the competition at, it says, "12 miles of technical, singletrack trail on an out-and-back course with over 3,500 ft. elevation gain, following the ridge crest of the Holyoke Range. It's widely considered the most challenging trail race in the Northeast". It was not easy for me to complete, and it made me think about individuals' wellness journeys.

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Your Health Journey: Past, Future & Present

It isn’t a secret that people want to feel good physically and mentally. Some will even wish for feeling GREAT! Less pain and more joy is a goal for most. What is stopping us from getting there?

Making changes towards eating, moving and living better can be confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes just keeping the "status quo” is the more comfortable option. Change can be uncomfortable and even downright SCARY! Why rock the boat?

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Do I Walk the Walk or Just Talk the Talk?

Recently a new acquaintance asked me if I follow my wellness advice. It seemed like a straightforward question that begged an "Of course!". I paused and once realizing we were not in a setting where a conversation around the question could happen, I simply answered, "Yes, I do." However, it isn't what I wanted to say. I wanted to say, "Depends and do you have 10 minutes so I can explain?".

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What Wellness Means to Me

Wellness is defined by The National Wellness Institutes (NWI) as "an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence." I like that definition as a starting point, but how does that translate to our day-to-day lives?

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