My absolute favorite life-changing tool is the practice of GRATITUDE.

A few years ago, I was invited to join a gratitude group on Facebook. The challenge to the group was posting, for 90 days, FIVE things you are thankful for. Part of the challenge was to post without any duplications, which adds up to 450 unique gratitudes.

When I describe this to people, I get mixed reactions and usually most don't think they could do it without duplication. And my answer is, "Absolutely you can!" It may take some extra thought at first, but once you get into the groove, it becomes easier.

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There can be gratitude found in anything.

What about the person who smiled at you at the coffee shop? And what about all the things we take for granted such as clean running water and toilets? Those fingers of yours that get those texts out in record time? I could go on and on, trust me, I get very excited about gratitude, and for that I am grateful. :)

AND the practice will start seeping into your life, outside of the posts. It is crazy amazing. I am grateful when I have to wait in line because it gives me a few minutes to be still and breath. I am thankful for all the people who have touched my life in significant as well as small ways throughout the years. Even if it wasn't a pleasant experience, each interaction is a time to learn and grow. See how gratitude can work in your favor?

Some reading this may say, "No, there are just some things you can't be grateful for, such as the death of a loved one or a natural disaster. Yes, those are difficult situations, but gratitude can be found in them. Death of a loved one? Appreciation for the person being in your life for as long as she/he was, and gratitude for the love for the person remembered at a memorial. A natural disaster? Horrible for sure but feel appreciation for all the rescue professionals trained to save lives and the outpour of help in the form of food and water from strangers. I personally went from feeling anger towards a situation to embracing and seeing the good in it. Is it easy? Not always, but with some practice, it can prove to be a fantastic way to improve your well-being.


Gratitude can take you out of the victim role. Two months after I moved to the cape, I was in an accident that totaled my SUV. I was VERY grateful that I wasn't hurt. The young driver of the other vehicle was uninjured as well. I was thankful that I was driving a virtual tank of a car and that insurance took care of most of the cost. Yes, I could have been angry at the kid for driving reckless, but what would that do? He was clearly shaken and hopefully learned from the event. For me, being positive just feels better. Do you agree?

Being introduced to the importance of gratitude from the Facebook group has been a real gift to me. I connected with many great people from all over the world and go to this tool automatically if I ever feel less than grateful at any time. Some of the Gratitude members on FaceBook are working on 1500+ days of consecutive posting! It can be a tremendous thing to pause and do every day.

Gratitude has the potential to make a massive mind shift if you give it a chance.


There are excellent gratitude books and journals that can guide you if needed. I personally keep a simple journal and write a good flow of gratitudes every morning. I also try to remember to be thankful every morning when I wake up as this alone is a gift.

I have many additional tools to help you Shape Your Mind For Life. Reach out and let's chat about how I can help you!

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