My Wellness Programs


Each of my clients is unique. I will work with you to tailor your program around your individual needs. To give you a better idea of how I work, I have outlined my three offerings. Which will meet your needs? Contact me and I will be happy to discuss each program in greater length.

Personalized Coaching Program

Personalized Coaching typically consists of a 50-minute phone call or video meeting every other week. The one-on-one sessions allow for personal discussion about many unique topics. Common topics include: Creating a healthier relationship with food, Balancing life’s stressors, and Regulating sleep and exercise.

Deep-seated beliefs and long standing not-so-great habits can be a challenge and the personalized calls are the best way to discover what needs to be addressed for YOU and in what order. There is no script and the direction can change as needed.

Online Nutrition Training

The online program is a positive and entertaining way to stay on track with habit implementation - daily. It allows you to keep a personal “Owner’s Manual” which gives you the ability to track your progress along the way. And I will support your progress by interacting with you online. The expertise, time and passion put into the program is topnotch and very fun as well.


“I didn’t use to take time to appreciate my body, and the last 15 years my weight has been up and down. I knew when I started Precision Nutrition that it would be the last thing I tried. I feel like I’m at my best right now—it was a year of fun, excitement, change, and triumph.”

Jodie, 34, lost 51 lbs


“I love that I can wear a two-piece swimsuit. I love eating right and not wanting to kick myself for overeating unhealthy food. I love that I’m buying size 6 instead of 14. And I especially love running into people I haven’t seen in a while and hearing ‘Wow! You look great! And so much younger!‘”

Laurie, 56, lost 51 lbs


“I was a chronic yo-yo dieter always looking for an answer. Precision Nutrition is the first and only plan to ever help me in 40 years of dieting life. I am off all medicine and no longer have to use my CPAP machine. Precision Nutrition helped me win back my health.”

Cindy, 50, lost 70 lbs



The Shape Your Mind for Life Program is my complete wellness package! It combines the Online Nutrition Training Program with the Personalized Coaching Program.

The combination of short daily lessons online and 50-minute coaching calls every other week serves as a solid structure that will help keep you on track and sets you up to achieve truly amazing sustainable results-creating lifestyle behaviors that align with lifestyle intentions.