My #1 priority is removing the overwhelm feeling that can surround making lifestyle changes to better well being.


As Chris Kresser, a licensed acupuncturist and Functional Medicine practitioner, says, “Shrink the change.” In other words, make change less overwhelming. Break it down to small successes. The doctor said you need to drink more water? How much do you drink now? None? Ok, do you own a glass? Yes? Great! First success! (Yes, I am not only a half full kind of thinker, but if the glass is clearly less than half full or even empty, I am just grateful that I even have a glass.)

Yes, I think all successes, no matter the size, should be celebrated. I also am a huge believer in giving yourself a break! No one is perfect and being hard on oneself is not constructive. When I have an off day and don’t do or say what I wish I said or did, I use the experience as a learning tool instead of a reason to feel worse about myself and causing more unneeded stress.

A practical approach to allowing for some ups and downs but working towards positive changes is applying the premise of “just a little better.” Making too many significant changes too quickly is just tough to sustain. And even within that notion, each person’s ability to make gradual changes is on a spectrum. I am trained to figure out how much a client can handle to assure success.


If you are motivated to make positive changes, I am here to help!

I will help you nourish a new relationship with food and with yourself as well.

There is no single set standard for wellness and wellness is difficult to quantify but coaching individuals to live their best possible life is my mission. I am so excited to be in the position to help motivated individuals who are looking to make positive changes in their lives for better health and wellness.


In my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was introduced to the concept of “Primary Foods”. Primary Foods are things such as relationships, spirituality, finances, and physical activity. These Primary Foods are aspects of life that have HUGE influences on one’s eating habits. These primary foods are a big part of our wellness and helping clients recognize where they may need to do work in one or more of the primary foods categories is a big part of My Personalized Coaching.

The online nutrition program is another benefit to working with me. You will get daily emails from me with daily lessons to read or listen to. The designers of the program have a great sense of humor and make valuable lessons fun! You will get a new habit to work on every two weeks and the ability to email me through the system. There is also a workshop every four weeks that reinforces what you are learning.

The combination of My Personalized Coaching work we will do, and the online program is a great mix. I will create a positive, supportive space for you during our time together and you will most likely make some amazing personal discoveries in the process. The access to a proven system developed over many years by some seriously dedicated and brilliant individuals is priceless as well. Combining the two allows me to see your progress online and better prepare for our Coaching sessions.

I will help you nourish a new relationship with food and with yourself as well.

I am super excited about the programs I have to offer you! If you wish to learn more, please contact me via phone or through this website.